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An exclusive toolset for top professionals using Truth Treatment Systems
Access to the Truth Treatments Pro mode—logging in makes every page on a shareable link you can earn from 30% in commission on your Storefront sales
You'll receive what you pay per month in store credit
Access to Ben exclusives (webinar and trainings)
1-on-1 exclusive Product Knowledge Training with a Truth Professional Educator with certificate
1-on-1 Backbar training with a Truth Professional Trainer
30-minute business consult once a month with a Truth Professional educator
Early access to Elite products
Early access to exclusive offers
Holiday presale availability 
Plaque as Master Truth Pro


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How do I earn as a Truth Treatments Pro?

Just log in once into the widget on to access your exclusive membership features. After this happens, any link on our website becomes one you can copy and paste, and share to earn. Note how the url in your browser's address bar includes attribution that will tie shares and purchases to you (so don't change it when sharing).

When one of your clients makes a purchase from any link that you share (remember that it can be any page including a Product page or Collection page), you'll earn commission. We'll notify you via email whenever you earn. You'll also be able to track your earnings and request payouts in the widget.

When can I start sharing?

As soon as you login to the widget on the bottom, left corner of

Where can I share?

Anywhere you can share a link: Text Message, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Email, Airdrop, and more. Send it however your clients prefer!

How do I book my training consults that come with my membership?

Please schedule your appointments with the following Calendly links:

- Get to know Truth Treatments: (30 mins):
- Truth Treatments Introduction: (2 hours):
- Truth Treatments Backbar Training: (1 hour):
- Peel Overview: (1 hour):
- 20 Minute Esthetician Consultation: (30 mins)

What is happening to the Truth 360 mobile app?

Given the introduction of the easier-to-use Pro Mode experience, we will be transitioning away from the Truth 360 mobile app. As part of this process, we will pay out any outstanding commissions to you so that you can start fresh with the Pro Mode experience on

We're also simplifying our offered plans to only have a VIP Pro group for $99.95 a month with a 30% commission on sales and the same amazing VIP Pro perks. As an early adopter benefit, those on the Basic and Pro plans have 30 days to try out the VIP Pro experience before being transitioned to the VIP Pro pricing.

How do I cancel my Truth Treatments Pro membership?

You can cancel your membership by clicking the "Log In" button on the top, right corner of this page and logging in with the email you used to sign up for your membership. The subscription cancellation will go into effect at the end of the term. If you have trouble doing this, please contact